Intro to SIX12

Intro to SIX12

What defines SIX12 culture? Our people, our values & our work. We believe that balance is essential to a happy life and that our SIX12 values can be those used in both the team’s professional and personal lives.

GROW PERSONALLY & PROFESSIONALLY – Challenging ourselves to staying at the top of our game allows us to step away from the conventional habits of the everyday marketer and try new things in both our personal and professional lives. Sometimes rules are created simply to be challenged and boundaries to be broken.

CREATE REMARKABLE EXPERIENCES – Everyone wants their consumers, friends and followers to do a variety of different things but everybody has one goal that remains a constant; to create a positive experience. We strive to help solve problems, motivate, inspire and lead our clients businesses and brands to success.

LOVE WHAT YOU DO – Our team is full of inspired individuals that eat, sleep and breathe branding. We all come from a variety of different backgrounds and specialties that allow us to house an exceptional group of true experts who think outside of the realms of the expected. We really do love what we do!

LIVE WITH INTEGRITY – Having a strong character, believing in honesty, sincerity, fairness and honor are only a few of the most important qualities that it takes to live, work and grow as a successful person and business. We encourage our staff and clients to speak openly and consider living with integrity an important quality in their personal lives and at work.

DELIVER SMILES – Have you ever experienced an idea, a design or brand that is just so awesome that it leaves you speechless? That’s what we give to our clients. Delivering jaw dropping work that excites, engages and blow your socks off is our ultimate goal for each project large and small.