Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell

Director of Marketing

Our perfect 1st client meeting – We meet at a Gala, you’re wearing black and I’m dressed in a tux. After some brief chit-chat, I suddenly leave, and you follow me outside. I’ve stolen the declaration of independence. I’m Nicholas Cage. This is National Treasure…

…Since that went so well, we agree to work together again, it’s a huge success, you get promoted. NASA asks us both to help alter the course of an Asteroid hurtling towards earth. Our work is so brilliant the illumination bends gravity and throws the asteroid off axis. We did it.

How many more reasons do you need to work with us?

Education – BFA from Queens & MFA from UBC, SGDC

Skills – Can consistently make babies laugh. Comfortable outdoors for up to 8 hours.

Creative Influence – Ogilvy, Eames, Rams, Ive, Dr. Suess