Daniela Orbegoso

Daniela Orbegoso

Social Media & Copy Writer

Daniela was only nine years old when the heartrending power of words found her late one night, her nose stuck deep between the pages of a tattered Harry Potter copy. Then and there, she decided she wanted to be a writer. Sixteen years after that first burst of creative desire, you can now find her scribbling away until 4 am, splashing paint on a blank canvas, behind the lens in a fashion shoot or pirouetting away in the studio.

When combined with her social intuition and attention to trends, Daniela’s creative nature is the perfect tool for innovative ideas and captivating storytelling. As a part of Six12, she can bring her artistic tendencies to the team and share her skills with the world.

Education – English Literature & Creative Writing at The University of British Columbia

Artistic Influences – Jane Austen, Edgar Degas, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Lifelong Dream – To move to a tiny Italian village and spend her days writing and painting.