Max Proske

Max Proske
Director, Development

Max’s obsession with programming is best described as cloying and excessive. However, he is happiest when left sheltered from the sun (a coder’s natural habitat) to continuously refine his development strategies. Internet is more than just a hobby to Max; it’s a constant source of learning opportunities through problem solving, critical thinking, and headaches.

Never underestimate Max’s ability to perform trial and error for hours on end, especially when his hobbies are centered around repetitive arcade music games. Max is musically inclined, and began coding websites over a decade ago to publish his piano sheet music. Max is also an avid long distance runner, who has the special kind of crazy needed to enjoy a sport easily replaced by a 20 minute car ride.

Education – Interactive Systems at Simon Fraser University

Specialities – Next.js, React, Docker, Postgres

Favourite Malevolent Creature – Skulltula