Saira Bandeali

Saira Bandeali
Social Media Manager

Saira’s notebook is her best friend — people who know her always see her writing everything she plans to do to stay organized. While she’s often called overly systematic, that is exactly what allows her to keep everything in order. A deep curiosity, and love of learning motivates her to capitalize on every opportunity that comes along. She is very optimistic and wants to transfer the same energy to people around her. She is also a talker and would keep sharing her stories all day long with her family, friends and co-workers.

Having a creative eye is not just part of being in a marketing career – she also loves to think out of the box while being fully aware of what’s inside the box; whether it is about reorganizing the colour and design of her room or buying new outfits and shoes to match the latest trends. In her spare time, she loves trying out new food places, going on drives, and doing all kinds of adventurous activities that can give her an adrenaline rush.

Education – Masters of Marketing from Schulich School of Business, York University

What Makes Her Happy – Shopping instantly sparks a good mood.

Biggest Pet Peeve – Wasting her time – she loves making every minute count.

Skills – Can drink up to 6 cups of green tea every day and will never get tired of re-heating the kettle.