Vittoria Gibson

Vittoria Gibson

Social Media & Support Specialist

Born and raised in a small town, Vittoria always dreamed of moving to the big city and the amazing adventures to be experienced along the way, they’re still waiting… Vittoria’s passion for volunteering at events and festivals has led to a world of helping others on a daily basis. By joining SIX12, Vittoria can expand their skills and share wacky, wild ideas with the team.

Outside of work, they live their life through a lens and can sometimes be found in front of one. While they enjoy recording silly videos and singing nonsense on camera, they prefer being on the other end, recording and editing. Uploading these projects, has allowed Vittoria to connect with a larger audience and share in a community that means the world to them.

Education – Media Arts at Sheridan College

Skills/Specialities – Adobe Premiere, YouTube, Social Media, making up words, talking nonstop and enjoying exceptional food.

Favourite Foods – Mashed potatoes with steak and veggies.