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SIX12 consists of a small team of super talented people working to build epic brands, consumer loyalty programs, and promotions through great strategy and design. We consider our clients to be partners and work closely to understand your business goals and challenges so we can deliver timely solutions to accelerate your brand’s momentum in today’s ever changing market.



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Clients often come to us with questions about what they need. Our first question is often “What are you trying to achieve?”

The vast majority of our clients have business goals. Their goals aren’t to make a website or create a package design or print a product catalog. Their goals are to convey an image of quality, to establish trust with their customers, to stand out on a shelf, educate their consumers and, ultimately, make that sale.

We are experienced at combining design, marketing and technology in creative ways that help businesses and organizations achieve their goals.

  • Discovery & strategic planning
  • Research & brainstorming
  • Creative problem solving
  • Creative & technical consulting
  • Integrated & multi-channel marketing strategies


Your corporate identity, or as many of us say – your company logo – is not just about creating brand recognition. In a split second, it conveys a wealth of information about your company. Do you have a rich history with a strong sense of tradition? Are you a forward thinking organization that needs to be perceived as leaders in an evolving market?

Your brand represents your company or your product. We have decades of experience creating brands for products and organizations. Whether you’re creating a brand from scratch, or updating an outdated logo, we can help.

  • Corporate & Product Brand Development
  • Brand Standards
  • Logo Design
  • Product Naming
  • Stationery Packages
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Wait for Me Daddy Billboard


Marketing collateral and advertising materials are used to increase awareness, interest and and knowledge about your company, service or product.

For the past 30 years we’ve designed and produced a wide variety of printed and digital materials. We’ve coordinated huge product lines, and customized marketing materials for differences in geographical regions accross North America.

We have the knowledge and experience to share what works and what doesn’t for various target markets. We can save you money and time with strategic, targetted marketing campaigns that deliver results.

  • Printed collateral
  • Advertising materials
  • Product Catalogs
  • POS signage & instore merchandising
  • Indoor & Outdoor Signage
  • Trade show graphics
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Posters, stickers, window clings & specialty items



While we’ve all heard that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but we all do it. Package design is often the number one factor we base our choices on when we don’t have an existing favourite brand. Often working with precious little space, packaging designs need to stand out on the shelves while providing a balance of visual design and concise yet informative product information.

While we have produced a wide variety of packing designs over the past 25 years, we are specialized in food packaging design – having providing the designs for hundreds products on-shelf in stores such as Save-on-Foods, Choice’s Markets and Costco.

  • Food Packaging Design
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Industrial Packaging Design
  • Flexography Design
  • Experience in food packaging standards for Canada, including CFIA
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Services Website


What will people find when they search for you online? Will it look like your website hasn’t been updated in a long time? What does that say about your company or your products?

With constantly changing design trends and technology advancements, websites often look dated within 3 years.

There is a huge shift to mobile browsing were 30-50% of website visitors come from phones and tablets. If you don’t have a responsive or mobile-friendly website, those visitors might not be having a great experience.

Where’s the first place you look to learn about a product or service that you’re thinking about trying? We can help you look great when people are searching for you!

  • Big and small websites
  • Responsive Design and Mobile-friendly websites
  • eCommerce and Product Catalog websites
  • Easy to use WordPress & Drupal Content Management Systems
  • Custom integration, Web Applications, Contests & Online Learning



Five years ago we were challenged to create a new promotional experience that would push beyond the McDonald’s Monopoly and Subway Scrabble style contests that were happening. We conceptualized an online Battleship-like game where teams of customers would compete against each other for huge prizes. The more they shopped, the more they could play – and soon we had a frenzy of players competing for the highest scores and enlisting friends and family to change their shopping habits and help them win.

Since then we’ve executed dozens of medium and large-scale contests, all strategically designed to acheive various business goals. From real-time multiplayer games to POS integration to store-specific data collection and unique code on product logistics – we’re familiar with the technical, legal and human requirements for delivering successful promotions.

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