social media

It almost sounds Quaint now…

It all started as a fun, unique, completely digital way to stay connected with people close to us,
reconnect with old friends and maybe, meet a new friend or two…

Today, Social Media is a global juggernaut, impossible to ignore, with billions of dollars, and an equal number
of messages clamouring for attention on every platform and channel.

Algorithms, community building, posting strategies, moderation, lookalike audiences,
pixel tracking, GTM, UTM, DMs, API’s SEO, SEM, CTA, CPA, CPC and on and on…

It’s not so quaint anymore – it’s big business,
and should be one of the cores of a modern marketing mix.


With the Pandemic having accelerated the digital footprints for many businesses, Six12 can guide you through your digital journey in two fundamental ways.

First, constructing a comprehensive, holistic and strategic foundation for your online brand presence – including defining your audience, competitor analysis, relevant channels & platforms to activate, content creation, scheduling, boost, community moderation and measurement to make informed, data driven decisions.

Secondly, there is no such thing as one-size fits all, the virtual world is vast, you may already have a digital presence however, it isn’t performing as well as you’d hoped. We can evaluate your current activities, then establish post consistency, create engaging and accessible content, while establishing a relationship between your brand and customers.

We achieve success by creating and managing the following;


Understanding your audience and where to find them online, ensuring goals and demographics align to not only your current message but overall brand requirements.


An effective strategy is born out of understanding each platform’s strengths and how they intersect with your targets – our team of highly qualified (and over-caffeinated) pros are as social savvy as they come!


You’ve found your audience, now you need a social strategy with clear goals that works to engage them and helps your brand exceed those goals! 


Managed content calendars that incorporate paid and organic campaigns on a per platform basis, with custom content ensuring optimal cadence and messaging.


Our team handles everything from the day-to-day community management to major issue escalation.
We navigate the social landscape and ensure your social continues the conversation your content starts.


A successful Social Media strategy requires significant administration, planning and technical expertise.

We’ll help you crack the code to your brand’s online success without the whole, you know, billions of dollars part.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help.