Need help transforming the old and stuffy into something fun? We’ve got you.

Our team is primed for making the ordinary extraordinary and that’s what gamification is all about.

Why gamification? Not only does it transform a potentially mundane task into a rewarding endeavour that increases engagement, but it also gives your brand awareness a boost and improves customer and employee loyalty.

All you need is our team of talented experts to help shape and guide your way to success:


There’s an entire world of dull, monotonous content possibilities out there, before we can jump into changing that, we have to understand your goals and determine if the opportunity to implement gamification makes sense.

Gamification is the process of taking a new or existing process and adding fun, interactive functionality. It’s like adding a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down! It works both internally and externally to educate, train or inform.

Whether your looking to increase your brand’s engagement or optimize an internal procedure: defining a style, designing visuals and establishing guidelines are some of the early considerations used to determine suitability.



Once we’ve evaluated your needs, image and tone, it’s time to build! It’s a complex part of the process requiring Six12’s experienced team of developers and designers. We’ll collaborate with your team to build content that aligns with your brand and desired outcomes.


Our work doesn’t end once your game is launched. We take on the role of administrators and ensure that everything is working behind the scenes.

Managing the volumes of data and tracking participation, Opt-ins, verifications, game mechanics, support functions and digital development is where Six12 really stands out – our Social, Support and Data teams focus on ensuring an engaging, error free customer experience.


Looking for the big picture? Specific information?

We can help mine, refine and make the data actionable and easily understood. We provide community support, collect feedback, gather player data and compile a report of the games’ results so you’ll never be left in the dark about performance.


Gamification might not be the solution for every problem, but when it fits, it’s fantastic! It’s a fun and unique way to foster stronger engagement, loyalty and brand awareness with people both inside and outside your organization. Contact Six12 today to see if it’s a fit for you.