Flip the Lip Video

Digital, Social
About This Project

Flip the Lip Froster was an exciting 2-part contest that was heavy on the FUN and light on the serious. Except for prizes. Those were SERIOUSLY AWESOME! We hope you yelled “seriously awesome” in your head as you read that, because those prizes deserve that kind of recognition. (How awesome, really? Over $50,000 in weekly prizes!)

With prizes like that and 1 in 3 chances to win, there was pretty high demand for the bright green contest cups! So much demand in fact, things got a little creepy…

So how did the videos do? They reached over 400,000 people generating 135,000 views on Facebook alone and racking up over 600 hours of viewing time. (Oh, and the contest was a big success too!)

Beautiful, inspired design.

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