Tinder Dogs

About This Project

On occasion, bad ideas are more abundant than good ones. This was especially true when trying to brainstorm promotional ideas for a new line of gourmet hot dogs with extreme toppings.

If you know anyone on the dating circuit, you’ve likely heard of Tinder, and you might have heard some horror stories. At first our idea to poke fun at the popular dating app by flaunting “wiener pics” that consisted of bratwurst and honey mesquite was relegated to the “bad ideas” list.

However, after jokingly mentioning the idea on a call one afternoon, the client loved it. It was edgy, and hit the perfect demographic.

We started a list of cliche dating profile pics to poke fun at: the lying in bed pic, the mirror selfie, the “6-pack”, the pet photo, and last but not least, the shirtless bathroom selfie (we cheated and used a locker room).

The ‘female hot dog seeking male companionship’ had a spectacular run. In less than 90 minutes, there were more than 1,300 likes on Tinder, dozens upon dozens of matches (we couldn’t keep up), and several 1-on-1 interactions. Within 90 minutes the account had garnered so much attention that it was flagged for review and shut down for violating Tinder’s terms of service – something we expected to happen, eventually.

Because we knew the Tinder account could be shut down at any time, we planned and launched digital and social campaigns to coincide with the Tinder launch. While the entire campaign exceeded expectations, the interest on Instagram was meteoric with more than 200,000 impressions on a single post.

Not only was the campaign successful and the client happy, but the entire SIX12 team had a blast during the entire process!

Beautiful, inspired design.

Client love