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In just 8 weeks, 9,000 players from Western Canada redeemed 250,000 game codes.

65,000 website visitors at an average time on site of 5:45 resulted in over 6,000 hours of brand engagement (that’s the equivalent of 175,000 30-second TV commercials).

At a time when Brad Pitt was starring in World War Z and The Walking Dead was breaking records as the largest cable TV premiere ever, it was pretty clear that zombies were popular across a broad demographic.

Early on we had established a history of cutting edge multi-player games where the participants were given control to increase their odds of winning by developing strategies. The Zombie Game continued to push boundaries with intelligent zombies that would chase you once they could see you, and in-game vending machines that dished out your choice of brand-name instant win prizes. While the flurry of online action was happening, the game was simultaneously driving in-store traffic and sales by requiring contest codes from the cash register receipts for more chances to play and win.

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