Abhay Bakshi

Abhay Bakshi
Web Developer

Abhay (pronounced : ub-hey) is a keen visionary who brings an intuitive perspective to the team. His positivity, determination, and a combination of formal education and training in Business, Design and Development allows him to view and solve problems through a holistic lens. Despite being a relatively new developer, Abhay has persevered to level up his game in a linear fashion and is contributing significantly to the team at Six12.

He’s always on the lookout for the next challenge!

When he’s not click-clacking on his desk, you’ll find him writing progressive psychedelic rock music or reading books on spirituality. He’s immensely passionate about yoga, meditation and raising his awareness to higher plains and helping others do the same.

Education – Digital Design & Development, British Columbia Institute of technology, Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing, North Island College
Bachelor of Commerce, MATS university.

Specialties – Front-End development, React, Next.js, Javascript, Node.js, UI/UX design, Illustrator

Fun fact – I take freezing cold showers every morning