Steve Gilkes

Steve Gilkes
Web Developer

Since he was young, Steve has had a strong desire to learn and develop rules systems for games, and grew up with a love of all forms of tabletop gaming. These skills were a natural transition to programming, where details of how things should operate and be designed are a big asset.

Steve’s focus is finely attuned to how coding can be made scalable and dynamic, and he can spend many an hour working on improvements for the next iteration. Programming has been an all-consuming passion over the last few years, and he loves that he gets to do something he considers fun for his career.

He isn’t just a code monkey though — he also has an avid love of British comedy and has been coaching Jiu-Jitsu for the past 16 years in his free time.

Education – Technical Web Developer, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Specialties – Postgres, MySQL, JavaScript, React, Node, Nextjs

Favourite TV Character – Blackadder